Writer’s Block? Conquer It And Get Your Master’s Thesis Flowing Again

It’s pretty common for researchers to experience writer’s block at some point. Indeed, writer’s block can be frustrating and tiring, especially if you have a deadline to meet. But don’t panic if you are in this situation. In this article, you’ll understand what writer’s block is and how you can overcome it.

What is writer’s block?

Writer’s block occurs when a researcher or writer can’t produce content, although they have the desire to do so. Contrary to what some people might believe, writer’s block is not as a result of laziness; it can be triggered by fear of failure, lack of motivation, stress, perfectionism, and anxiety among others. If left unaddressed, it can lead to procrastination, waste of time, and a rushed thesis with lots of errors.

overcoming writer's block for master's thesis Ghana
overcoming writer’s block for master’s thesis Ghana

How to overcome writer’s block

There are several strategies for overcoming writer’s block when writing your master’s thesis in Ghana, including the following.

  • Create a plan

Not knowing what to do can cause anxiety and stress, which can also trigger writer’s block. Therefore, make it a point to create a plan for writing your thesis. As a tip, outline your chapters and build on them until you have a coherent draft. You don’t need to strive for perfection at this point; simply write what comes to you and arrange it logically once you’re through.

  • Address your distractions

Distractions can also cause your mind to drift, making it difficult to concentrate and write freely. That said, addressing them can be helpful. However, you must determine what causes you to lose focus. For instance, switching your phone off or disabling social media apps will work if you are always chatting or watching videos.

Likewise, consider taking time away from friends to work on your thesis. However, inform them of your decision so that your friendship doesn’t go south. When at home, pick a time or place where you can work without your family members interrupting.

overcoming writer's block for master's thesis Ghana
overcoming writer’s block for master’s thesis Ghana
  • Form a daily writing ritual

You can also consider creating a daily writing ritual to be more productive. Experts recommend choosing and sticking to a particular period during the day when you are most inclined to write spontaneously. While at it, consider setting goals, such as the number of words or pages you’ll write each day.

It’s also important to note that your writing ritual may not eliminate writer’s block in a day. So be kind to yourself when you falter. You’ll see improvement when you do this continuously, so keep this in mind.

overcoming writer's block for master's thesis Ghana
overcoming writer’s block for master’s thesis Ghana
  • Refresh your memory

Refreshing your memory can go a long way in overcoming writer’s block. As a tip, consider reading other research and articles related to your topic. Not only can you gather enough information for your thesis, but you can also understand how your work should be presented.

  • Take a break

A break may be all you need if you don’t feel motivated to write, even after trying other strategies. Depending on your deadline, you can stay away from your thesis for a few hours or days to relax your mind. Consider doing things that soothes you, whether taking a walk, riding a bike, sleeping, gardening, and so on.

  • Don’t let writer’s block get in your way!

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