How To Write A Winning Research Paper Proposal

Every tertiary student will be required at some point to write a research proposal, regardless of their level. However, many struggle to write a winning one, which can delay their entire research. If you are about to write your research proposal but don’t know how to begin, here are some things you should know.

What is a research paper proposal?

A research paper proposal describes your study topic and how you intend to go about your research in a highly structured manner. You can think of your proposal as an introduction to your study, giving your readers a clear understanding of what they should expect from you, your objectives, and how your work can contribute to your specific academic field.

There are several purposes of writing a research paper proposal, including the following:

  • Convincing your university that you can satisfy your degree program’s requirements
  • Applying for a position at a research institute
  • Showing the importance of your research to an academic field or local community
  • Convincing potential sponsors to fund your research.

Practical steps for writing a winning research paper proposal

You need to arrange your proposal in the right order to maintain your credibility. Here are some steps to help you achieve that.

  • Start with a title page

The title page is the first thing your readers will see, introducing them to your study. This means you must research paper topics for your niche before you begin your proposal. On this page, you’ll include:

  • Your research topic
  • Your name
  • Your supervisor’s name
  • Your institution’s name
  • Your faculty’s name

As a tip, contact your department for the correct title page format and design requirements.

How to Write a Winning Research Paper Proposal
How to Write a Winning Research Paper Proposal
  • Create an abstract

Your abstract should summarise your entire study in 300 words (at most). This document helps your readers understand your study’s purpose and how you will write your final dissertation. Your abstract should contain the following:

  • Aims and objectives
  • Research methods
  • Hypotheses
  • Projected effects


  • Include an introduction

Your introduction can keep your readers enthusiastic for your work, so make it a point to draft it well. On this page, you will highlight your central concepts while offering contextual information to further promote understanding. Expert researchers recommend starting with general knowledge about your research topic before delving into specific aspects.

  • Don’t forget the background information

You can take a step further by providing additional information on this page, such as which people or groups would benefit from your research, the focus area of your work, and key term definitions.

  • Develop your research questions

Before writing your problem statement, develop your research questions, which are concise statements revealing the issues in your academic field or industry that you intend to solve. It’s worth noting that your research questions can guide your writing process.

How to Write a Winning Research Paper Proposal
How to Write a Winning Research Paper Proposal
  • Define your problem statement

Every research begins with a problem, so clarifying this in your proposal is essential. Make it a point to describe how your study will address certain issues. Likewise, you can show your readers how your study relates to specific questions or issues to further boost its credibility.

  • Make room for literature review

Your literature review is simply a description of your primary and secondary sources, and how they support your hypotheses. Through your literature review, your readers can understand key arguments that relate to your research inquiries, already developed by other researchers.

  • Discuss your research methodology

This section will describe the essential steps to complete your research, and how you will go about the process. Your research methodology will also include your data collection tools and data analysis procedures.

  • Add your conclusion

This marks the end of your research proposal, and should include a summary of the previous information, and the importance of your proposal. Again, your faculty’s guidelines will apply here. Afterward, include your bibliography and budget information.

Write a winning research paper proposal today!

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