Crafting A Compelling Proposal: A Guide To Master’s Thesis Proposals At Ghanaian Universities

As a master’s student, you are probably preparing to write your thesis proposal. Indeed, the importance of this document cannot be overemphasized, as it acts as a roadmap for your research from its initial stages to its completion. However, not all students can write a compelling proposal. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry if you are in this category. Here is a practical Ghana universities thesis proposal guide to help you create a winning master’s thesis proposal.

What to do before writing your proposal

There are some necessary steps you must take before starting your proposal, including the following.

  • Begin with thorough research

You’ll find it helpful to kickstart the process with thorough research. This means reading various literature to understand the latest trends and knowledge in your field of interest. Experts recommend critically analysing whatever data you come across in order to build a strong research proposal.

Ghana universities Thesis Proposal Guide
Ghana universities Thesis Proposal Guide
  • Look for a research gap

Working on areas that other researchers have covered may render your research obsolete. Therefore, make it a point to look for a research gap, which is an area that little to no studies have been conducted. Not only does this serve as your study’s justification, but it can set your work apart and increase your grades.

  • Create your research question

The next step is to create a focused and specific research question to serve as a guide for your proposal and entire study. Your research question must align with your aims and objectives while addressing your identified research gap, so keep this in mind.

Key components of a master’s thesis research proposal

Every detailed research has the following components.

  • Title page

Your title page is the first thing your supervisor and other readers will see, so craft it carefully. Experts recommend formulating a topic that adequately conveys the purpose of your research. As a tip, ensure it is concise, descriptive, and captivating to the readers.

  • Abstract

Your abstract is simply a summary of your entire project and should be written in a few hundred words. Your abstract is top-notch if your readers can get a clear idea of your study after reading it, so feel free to consider this. That said, it should contain the following:

  • Purpose
  • Methodology
  • expected results
  • Your study’s significance


  • Introduction

This section draws your readers into your study, so make it engaging and informative. As a tip, start with a broader research context and gradually narrow it down to your area of study. While at it, state your study’s purpose and significance, your research problem, and how your work will contribute to your academic field.

  • Literature review

Your literature review will show how much you understand the current level of research in your field. That said, you will analyse and discuss existing theories, studies, and findings. With your literature review, you can justify your research by identifying gaps and inconsistencies in previous studies. In addition to reviewing literature, you should also show how your study will build on or deviate from existing research.

  • Research methodology

The steps you’ll take when conducting your research will be discussed in your research methodology. That said, this section must be clear and precise. You will discussed your research design, data collection methods, and data analysis techniques. You’ll also want to shed more light on whatever challenges you may face, and how you plan to address them.

  • Initial results and discussion

This section will be the best place to discuss findings prior to your main research. These results will go a long way in proving the feasibility of your study, and giving insights into your research question. As a tip, highlight how these results will guide your methodology.

  • Timeline

Master’s thesis often come with a specific timeframe, and you will want to include that in your proposal. Create a feasible schedule of each actively, along with the allocated time.

  • References

To avoid plagiarism and automatic rejection of your proposal, include every source you’ve cited. Adhering to the formatting guidelines of your department is crucial, so keep this in mind.

Create a winning master’s thesis proposal today!

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